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The Printrbot Metal Plus is the bigger sibling to the Simple Metal and should feel very familiar. Even with a bigger build area, the Plus still has a surprisingly small foot print.

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Printrbot Metal Plus 3D Printer

The Printrbot Plus is constructed of powder coated metal and machined aluminum with open platform for fabricating parts up to 10 x 10 x 10 inches using 1.75mm PLA filament. The Mic 6 aluminum bed is extremely flat and works with an Auto-Leveling Probe.

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All-American Makers

“Up In Flames” – Brook and Brian help Marc vet four new products: a vehicle that allows cyclists to reach highway speeds; a robot that automatically helps its owner; an electric fan that promises scorching charcoal in minutes; and shoe laces that might be the first-ever indestructible shoelace.

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