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Our special Christmas Kit Bundles include our award winning 3D printer kits, a free 1kg roll of filament, integrated spool rack and our Simple Metal also includes the aluminum handle.


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Watch us live as we assemble printers in the shop and print fun stuff in the office.  It’s never a dull day at Printrbot HQ!

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Free same day shipping
$35 a month for two .5kg rolls
10% off all filament
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What Our Customers are Saying

“Assembling & Working with Printrbot is truly a learning experience. We’re happy with the build volume & quality of the 3d printed projects. We’re hardly encountering any errors if we follow procedures. It is highly recommended to everyone. especially to those who are entering the world 3d printing!”


Printr Bot at Robotic Institute, EduRobo

“I got my Printrbot Simple when I was 12 as a Christmas present. It was very easy and fun to build but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work. Then I went to a science convention in Washington, DC and actually met Brook the CEO of Printrbot! He helped me get it it working and its awesome!”

Anthony Mastrianna

Student, Mercer Middle School

“I am a 13 year old maker and DIYer from Guatemala.I recently got very interested in 3D printing because I think it is a tool that allows prototyping at a low cost and no high risks. I believe what you are doing is going to change a lot of lives and help a lot of makers.”

Diego Chavez

Maker, Guatemala

“I built a PB LC v2 a year ago, I’m 12 years old and I got it for my birthday, I usually print 1-2 things a day and sometimes I’ll do some more complex prints, such as the lefabshop elephant and gear cube by Emmett.”

Michael Delaney

Student, @MichaelD_33

“I have had my Simple for about a month and a half now. I love the quality and how quite it is. it was really easy to set up and get started. I also really love how it looks and how rugged it is.”

Levi Sheridan

Student, Francis W. Parker

“The people at Printrbot are the genuine article. They are always willing to help and assist quickly when needed! Quality printers that out perform their price tag! Fantastic, wonderful, and generous are all words the should be used to describe Brook Drumm and his team. This teacher couldn’t be happier!”

Mike Spano

Teacher of Digital Media and Fine Art, INTS

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